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John Seago, Legislative Director at Texas Right to Life will speak on what took place during the past legislative session, including the Heartbeat legislation and recent euthanasia cases in Texas.

John as been with Texas Right to Life for ten years, leading the research, writing, and lobbying for state Pro-Life policies in the Texas State Legislature. 

John earned his Bachelor in Philosophy and Biblical Studies from Southeastern College at Wake Forest, North Carolina. He studied philosophy at the University of Dallas for several years and received a Master’s in Bioethics from Trinity International University in Chicago.  John now lives in Austin with his wife, Brandy, and two children.”



In an educational and inspiring way, Barbara will walk you through her unique analysis and evaluation of each amendment Barbara Harlessby looking at our US Constitution for the answer rather basing a vote on emotion. 

Not only will you walk away with your ballot decisions, but you'll have a template to use for years to come.

Barbara Harless has been an activist for 10+ years focusing on local and state politics.  Co-founder of the North Texas Citizens Lobby, she shares with fellow Texans how to follow government locally and in Austin by engaging in the legislation process.